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We go behind the scenes at the London Science Museum's explosive new family show to find out what the audience can expect.

Daniel Bennett reviews the Ford Kuga's automated parking system, blindfolded!

We check out some robots inspired by the natural world at London's Science Museum.

We put the Oculus Rift Development Kit in the hands of the general public to find out just how scary a virtual reality rollercoaster can be...

Focus visits the Bloodhound team in their brand new facility to find out how close they are to building their 1,000mph car.

Reviews editor Daniel Bennett picks the five best bits of tech from the UK's largest technology show.

The Fitbit One is the latest health gadget to hit the shops. But is it a sure-fire way to a newer, more svelte you? Our reviews editor Dan Bennett spent a week with the gadget to find out…

The FIRA RoboWorld Cup 2012 took place at the At-Bristol science centre — the first time the competition had been held in the UK. We sent along our reviews editor Dan Bennett to chat to some of the teams hoping for robot glory.

BBC Focus magazine interviews three guys who edit Wikipedia articles in their spare time and finds out what they do, how they got involved and happens when there are contentious entries.

It's the world's biggest reference site Wikipedia's 10th anniversary.

Founder Jimmy Wales spoke to Louise Ridley about the future of Wikipedia and its relationship to scientific research: should students cite Wikipedia, what are the next big innovations in information sharing - and how often does he edit his own Wikipedia page?